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 In the summer vacation is very meaningful for me, because I met a special "friend" -- the tortoise.

  The appearance of the tortoise is very silly, bravery, small, easily indented his head into the shell, but because of this, I like talking to it, what secret all tell it, the tortoise seems to understand. A few days to get along with down, our relationship has been very deep.

  Someone says: love is not necessarily have, also can be let go. Everyone has his own family, tortoise, too, so I decided to let the turtle go home. I took the decision to tell dad, dad said I was a sensible child, also promised to take the turtle home with me.

  Along the way, I firmly hold the tortoise and the turtle seemed to understand that we are about to separate, very good to lay in my arms. Dad and I found a very clean in the reservoir, where we are and the tortoise took a group photo, then put the turtle in the water. Looking at the turtle swam slowly to the water, my tears constantly supposed although there are countless heart loathe to give up, but love it should not let it go? I waved and said, "good-bye, tortoise, I wish you a speedy reunion with my family." Turtle swam for a while, and turned to head looked at us, and then swam to the bottom. My father and I you look at me, I see you, everyone laughed happily.

  Look, what a meaningful summer vacation!








 In the summer vacation, I made many, one of the most interesting thing is I went fishing with my father.

  One day in the summer vacation, I and dad after breakfast, came to the gan and fishing.

  I take out in advance to buy a good bait, wear on the hook, and threw the hook into the water. Just for a minute or two, and I saw buoy sinking, there must be a fish took. I hurriedly filed a fishing rod, saw a fish hook and sure enough, I hurried to catch the line, the hook from the fishs mouth out

  Still entered into with water in a bucket, and then wear good bait on the hook, threw it into the water, such as fish bait quietly.

  But, after a few minutes, there is still no fish bait, I have to sit still, want to lift hook, it is, dad talked: "fishing to be patient, it is cant catch fish." I hear the word of the father, continue to wait. But more than ten minutes passed, and still no fish bait. So dad told me to change a place to catch, but still no fish bait, how to return a responsibility? I mentioned a look, originally the bait has been eaten by the slippery fish, I have to replace bait, in a short time, a fish bait. I asked my father: "why just down the earthworm will cause the fish?" Dad replied, "just down the earthworms have a kind of smell, fish smelled the odor will know that there are food, can swim by..." Just when it comes to this, there is a fish bait. Unconsciously more at eleven o clock, it was time to go home for dinner, I saw a dozen of the bucket of fish was very happy! At noon to eat with his catch of fish, flattered.








Today, my mother took me to tianjin to play, on the way, the car was driving fast, looking out through the window, the rows of neat rows of trees like the mighty sentinels. The green leaves were shaking like a dancing girls green dress. Before I knew it, the car pulled into the city, the blossoming moon on the side of the road, and waved our arms to welcome us.

  Coming to the tower of the sky, sitting in the elevator on a revolving restaurant, the floor slowly moved and looked down through the glass. The car was moving like a beetle. Wide streets are like spaghetti. Tall buildings like little matchboxes; The green grass is like a fuzzy carpet; Along the way was like a little ant; The distant fields were shrouded in mist...

  We came to the river again, and the river was very clear. There is a large amount of water in the river. Dancing with the water. There were three or two fishermen on the shore, waiting quietly. Every seven or eighty meters on the shore, there will be a combination of different shapes, full of red, pink and white flowers.

  In the west, it was the fountain amusement park. On the river, the dragon boat and the yacht were busy. My mother and I rented a duck boat and rowed it leisurely across the river. I was so happy that I took a water weed and let it rest on our boat.

  It is true that "tianjin is good, the scenery is old, the sunrise river is bright red, the spring water is green like blue, can you remember the city?"

  Ah! I love my tianjin city!









 In this summer holiday, I didnt attend the summer camp, also did not go out to travel, just stay at home to write my summer homework assignments.

  Although it is summer vacation homework, but also do not have a flavor. I take out in writing homework first, open the book, a pen as in the copybook written up a row, particularly serious, because I know if there is no written, there will be a punishment comes. Time soon, after I have finished writing the a, pick it up in the sunlight, she look a look, really good. Followed by a second, I want to write this one looks very little, but it is not good to write to write. After I finish writing the content, a look, there are a lot of grid can collapse, had no choice but to rewrite it again.

  Word is a kind of very good leisure, it can let a person quiet short-tempered, also can let a persons word more beautiful, I feel in writing is quite good. Sometimes feel the word hate, tired, why others dont tired, because their word by heart. Summer vacation, I at home day and others to play outside, I envy, but I think the word "game" is also a kind of happy, I like the word!

  My English is not very good, so mom and dad give me to quote a cram school during the summer vacation, think of them so hard for me, I also want to more to learn English well.

  Mathematics but I didnt make me tired, but mother busy every day during the summer vacation, was going to work and to teach me learn math,

  Sometimes learn to learn to feel it is quite interesting.

  Alas, I this summer vacation in addition to practice calligraphy, maths and English...... of all the other things didnt do, I live in learning all day.










 Time, like water, is creeping away from your fingers. The long summer vacation was gone, and in the days of the photocopier, there was one thing that I remember very well.

  At the end of July, the sun parched the earth like a stove, even bother to call the cicadas in the tree, so the father is going to take me to swim, I listen to, excited to jump three feet high, readily consented immediately.

  When I reached the pool, I looked at the pool of water, my heart tightened, and I stepped back a few paces, my teeth whitening. Mother see I fear psychology, and on the side to encourage me, I waved the head, want to give up, but in my mind emerge out of the three words, "stick to". So I calmed myself and walked slowly down the water. Practice holding the breath and ventilation first, this is easy, I will learn in a short while, practice basic motion, finally begin to learn swimming.

  I followed the teacher in action, kicking, leaning, and then paddling back, "ah!" I scream, originally is my hand hit the wall, I want to all good action is out of joint, hand and foot pad stare blankly stare blankly touch, her eyes were closed, people hit the wall for a moment, then fell on the bottom, a careless, and makes several saliva. My dad was in a bad situation, and I was brought up in a handful of minutes, and I was blue and purple with a sharp pain in my body. I immediately like a drain the gas ball, soft, give up the idea of flash in my mind, but it soon overruled by those three words in my mind, "insist on"!

  After a while, I regrouped and started the "attack" on the pool again, "plop and plop". The swimming pavilion echoed with the sound of the water splashing around me. Finally, I learned to swim. At this moment, tears rolled down my face, gathered on my chin, and the "click" fell into the water again. Ah, this is the tears of happiness!

  The experience of learning to swim like a stone fell into my water out of the memory, overflow up a circle and a circle of ripples, because it not only let me grow up a lot, more let me understand a truth: success, is to rely on persistence and effort.








Although the happy summer holiday has been around for a long time, I cant forget the days when I went to hangzhou.

  I remember that it was a few days before the summer vacation, and the school gave notice that in the summer holiday, hangzhou held a model competition, and the students who were willing to go could sign up for it. I thought: I must go, maybe I can get a few awards! If not, then it is time to travel. , as I got home I couldnt wait to let the mother gave me to sign up, but my mother is not agree, in the end, I finally with my three inches golden tongue to persuade his mother. This excited me sleepless night, all say "above there is heaven and below there are suzhou and hangzhou" this time I finally can view, thought of here, I wish to plug in a pair of wings to fly in the past.

  The next day, I arrived at the school early, reported the name and paid the money. I ah, etc. Im looking forward to it. Its like a year, its not easy to get to the summer vacation, but I have to train for a few days. Only half an hour to get to school at half past six every morning, noon time to go home to have a meal, after eating dinner, and into the intense training, SiWuDian to practice until afternoon. A few days ago, there were a lot of people who didnt come, and after four or five days, the number of people who were able to stick to it was a handful.

  It was hard, but I kept on training. I waited and waited, the day of the game finally arrived. I was so happy that before I left, my mother said to me, "only you have the confidence, you are the best." Before my mothers voice dropped, I rushed to school.

  In hangzhou, as the game drew near, the training became more intense, often training until midnight. Everyone regrets that the original excitement had disappeared, and I was no exception.

  Time flies by, the race began, many players have got high marks, when Im going to literally bibi, mother suddenly mind flash across from me, then I regain confidence again, and sure enough, I got good grades. I was so happy that I became more and more confident in myself. In the next few games, I played well, and finally, I was able to win the third prize in the province and honor the school.

  Through this competition, I have gained the happiness and the honor. I also made a good friend -- confidence.

  Since then, I have used "confidence not to win, but I have to lose myself" to encourage myself to be a confident person











  Summer vacation, my father took me to the beach to play, before you go to, my father give I prepared a bathing suit and swimming laps, also said to prepare five bottles of screaming and a bucket, ready to scream and bucket is stem what of? I asked my father, father mysterious said: "you know the sea," said dad again the mysterious smile.

  Came to the beautiful beach, dad hurriedly put bottles and screaming bucket into the water, put the bottle screaming assigned me, sister, brother and mother. I has to open his mouth and ask dad, why do you want to give us scream bottle, who know dad didnt answer me, and my mouth was sprayed into a hard water. I suddenly see scream bottle fire down on dad card hurriedly dad is originally for me ha ha laugh, now he immediately closed his mouth, hurriedly picked up the sun umbrella block I fierce attack, a "war" broke out father not to be outdone, went the m word cut attack to me, because I have no protector, is dad played out of the water, body in addition to water or water. One side of the mother looked at the two of us, smiling from ear to ear, mouth has been Shouting: "back to hide, hide in the future,......" our family for a long time laughter echoed in the sand.

  A water fight made a lesson this time, anything can not be quiet.


  来到美丽的沙滩,爸爸连忙把尖叫瓶和水桶装进水,把尖叫瓶分给我、姐姐,哥哥、妈妈。我张开嘴问爸爸,为什么要分给我们尖叫瓶,谁知道爸爸不但没有回答我,还向我嘴里喷进了一股苦苦的海水。我顿时明白了尖叫瓶的道理连忙朝爸爸卡开火爸爸本来正为我的样子哈哈大笑,现在他立马闭上了嘴巴,连忙拿起太阳伞阻挡我猛烈的攻击,一场“大战”爆发了爸爸也不甘示弱,对我使出了米字斩攻击,我因为没有保护器,被爸爸打的落花流水,全身上下除了水还是水。一旁的妈妈看着我们俩,笑的合不拢嘴,嘴里一直喊着:“往后躲,往后躲…… ”我们一家人笑声久久回荡在沙滩上。



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