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[摘要]今天小编要给大家讲一个很有意思的英语故事,《拇指姑娘》。我相信中文版的我们肯定都有看过,那英文版的你看过了吗?想要知道的话,就一定要细细看一下哦。She had a little house of h



  She had a little house of her own, a little garden too, this woman of whom I am going to tell you, but for all that she was not quite happy.

  "If only I had a little child of my own," she said, “Then, indeed, I should be quite happy."



  And an old witch heard what the woman had wished, and said, "Oh, but that is easily managed. Here is a barley-corn. Plant it in a flower-pot and tend it carefully, and then you will see what will happen."

  The woman was in a great hurry to go home and plant the barley-corn, but she did not forget to say "thank you" to the old witch. She not only thanked her, she even stayed to give her six silver pennies.



  And what do you think happened? Almost before the corn was planted, up shot a large and beautiful flower. It was still unopened. The petals were folded closely together, but it looked like a tulip. It really was a tulip, a red and yellow one, too.

  The woman loved flowers. She stooped and kissed the beautiful bud. As her lips touched the petals, they burst open, and oh! wonder of wonders! there in the very middle of the flower, there sat a little child. Such a tiny, pretty little maiden she was.

  They called her Thumbelina. That was because she was no bigger than the woman's thumb.


  女人无比喜好花。她弯腰在漂亮的花蕾上亲了一下。她的嘴唇一碰到花瓣,花儿即时绽开了!噢,太美妙了!就在花的核心,坐着一个小小孩儿!多么小,如允许恶的一个少女啊! 内容来自www. .com


  And where do you think she slept?

  When she slept little Thumbelina lay in her cradle on a tiny heap of violets, with the petal of a pale pink rose to cover her. CopyRight .com

  And where do you think she played? A table was her playground. On the table the woman placed a plate of water. Little Thumbelina called that her lake.

  Round the plate were scented flowers, the blossoms laying on the edge, while the pale green stalks reached thirstily down to the water.





  In the lake floated a large tulip leaf. This was Thumbelina's little boat. Seated there she sailed from side to side of her little lake, rowing cleverly with two white horse hairs. As she rowed backwards and forwards she sang softly to herself. The woman listening hardly, and thought she had never known so sweet a song.

  And now such a sad thing happened.

  In through the broken window-pane hopped a big toad, oh! such an ugly big toad. She hopped right on to the table, where Thumbelina lay dreaming in her tiny cradle, under the pale pink rose leaf.




  She peeped at her, this ugly toad.

  "How beautiful the little maiden is," she croaked. "She will make a lovely bride for my handsome son." And she lifted the little cradle, with Thumbelina in it, and hopped out through the broken window-pane, down into the garden. CopyRight .com

  At the foot of the garden was a broad stream. Here, under the muddy banks lived the old toad with her son.


  “呱呱,这姑娘真美丽!正好做我那英俊儿子的新娘!”于是她抓起拇指姑娘正睡着的小摇篮,从破窗格子跳了出去,跳进了花园。 CopyRight .com


  How handsome she thought him! But he was really very ugly. Indeed, he was exactly like his mother.

  When he saw little Thumbelina in her tiny cradle, he croaked with delight.

  "Do not make so much noise," said his mother, "or you will wake the tiny creature. We may lose her if we are not careful. The slightest breeze would waft her far away. She is as light as gossamer."




  Then the old toad carried Thumbelina out into the middle of the stream. "She will be safe here," she said, as she laid her gently on one of the leaves of a large water lily, and paddled back to her son.

  "We will make ready the best rooms under the mud," she told him, "and then you and the little maiden will be married."

  Poor little Thumbelina! She had not seen the ugly big toad yet, nor her ugly son. CopyRight .com

  When she woke up early in the morning, how she wept! Water all around her! How could she reach the shore? Poor little Thumbelina!

  老蛤蟆把拇指姑娘背到河中心,“她在这里会很安全”,她说,把她微微地放在一片大睡莲的叶子上,而后游回到儿子身边。 内容来自www. .com

  咱们要在泥巴下建多少间最好的屋子,老蛤蟆说,这样你和她就可能结婚啦! 内容来自www. .com



  Down under the mud the old toad was very busy, decking the best room with buttercups and buds of water-lilies to make it gay for her little daughter-in-law, Thumbelina.

  "Now we will go to bring her little bed and place it ready," said the old toad, and together she and her son swam out to the leaf where little Thumbelina sat.

  "Croak, croak," was all the young toad could say, as he looked at his pretty little bride.

  地底下呢, 老癞蛤蟆正忙着用灯芯草和黄睡莲把房间装饰了一番——新媳妇要住在里面,当然应该收拾得俊秀一点才对。



  Then they took away the tiny little bed, and Thumbelina was left alone. 内容来自www. .com

  How the tears stained her pretty little face! How fast they fell into the stream! Even the fish as they swam hither and thither thought, "How it rains to-day," as the tiny drops fell thick and fast. CopyRight .com

  They popped up their heads and saw the forlorn little maiden.

  "She shall not marry the ugly toad," they said, as they looked with eager eyes at the pretty child. "No, she shall not marry the ugly toad."

  But what could the little fish do to help Thumbelina?

  Oh! they were such clever little fish!

  They found the green stem which held the leaf on which Thumbelina sat. They bit it with their little sharp teeth, and they never stopped biting, till at last they bit the green stem through; and away, down the stream, floated the leaf, carrying with the little Thumbelina.



  他们探出小脑袋来,看见了这个可怜的小姑娘。 CopyRight .com





  Free, free!" she sang, and her voice tinkled as a chime of fairy bells. "Free, free! " she sang merrily as she floated down the stream, away, far way out of reach of the ugly old toad and her ugly son.

  And as she floated on, the little wild birds sang round her, and on the banks the little wild harebells bowed to her. CopyRight .com

  Butterflies were flitting here and there in the sunshine. A pretty little white one fluttered on to the leaf on which sat Thumbelina. He loved the tiny maiden so well that he settled down beside her.

  Now she was quite happy! Birds around here, flowers near her, and the water gleaming like gold in the summer sunshine. What besides could little Thumbelina wish?





  She took off her sash and threw one end of it round the butterfly. The other end she fastened firmly to the leaf. On and on floated the leaf, the little maiden and the butterfly.

  Suddenly a great cockchafer buzzed along. Alas! he caught sight of little Thumbelina. He flew to her, put his claw round her tiny waist and carried her off, up on to a tree.

  Poor little Thumbelina! How frightened she was! How grieved she was, too. Would he fly away, she wondered, or would her sash hold him fast?




  The cockchafer was charmed with the little maiden. He placed her tenderly on the largest leaf he could find. He gathered honey for her from the flowers, and as she sipped it, he sat near and told her how beautiful she looked.

  But there were other chafers living in the tree, and when they came to see little Thumbelina, they said, "She is not pretty at all."

  "She only has two legs," said one.

  "She has no feelers," said another.

  Some said she was too thin, others said she was too fat, and then they all buzzed and hummed together, "How ugly she is, how ugly she is!" But all the time little Thumbelina was the prettiest, daintiest little maiden that ever lived.





  他们七嘴八舌,有的说她太瘦了,有的说她太胖了, 而后所有的金龟子一齐叫道,“她如许丑啊!太丑了!”但不管怎么说拇指姑娘确实是这个世界上最漂亮,最娇艳的姑娘。

  And now the cockchafer who had flown off with little Thumbelina thought he had been rather foolish to admire her.

  He looked at her again. "Pretty? No, after all she was not very pretty." He would have nothing to do with her, and away he and all the other chafers flew. Only first they carried little Thumbelina down from the tree and placed her on a daisy. She wept because she was so ugly - so ugly that the chafers could not live with her. But all the time, you know, she was the prettiest little maiden in the world.



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