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[摘要]中考英语作文一直是热点,该如何的去开展呢?下面看看小编带来的中考英语作文范文,供大家参考阅读!最好的旅游方式People travel by plane, by train, by ship, by





  People travel by plane, by train, by ship, by bus. To me, the best way of traveling on a summer vacation is to go on foot.


  On a summer vacation I travel to refresh myself and to see the countryside. When I use my feet and walk on a grass covered path or among the hills I feel detached from the noise of the city and closer to the nature. And when I travel on foot I get more freedom. I can plan my own schedule. I can choose my own route. I can stop where I like. And I can see things and people that I might miss if I travel on a train or on a bus.


  When faster and more convenient ways for travel are becoming available, I still favor using my own feet. I get much pleasure from it.


  白色的世界 The White World

  As I live in the south, I never have the chance to see snow. I wish I could witness it once in my life. My wish came true this year, because my parents flied to the north city to spend the holiday. We bought a lot of clothes. When we took off the flight, it was so cold for me, because I never experienced such coldness. The world was white for me. The trees were covered with white snow, and it was amazing. I felt like I was in the story world. But in the house, it was so warm because of the central heating. It was even warmer than the south. The most exciting thing was to play snow. I built snow men with all kinds of shapes. It was so funny. My father and I played in the snow for a long time. It is so unforgettable for me.



  When I was young, my father, who always taught me how to be a true man, told me that it is essential to be tolerant in your life whatever happens.


  And that remains the most valuable present he gave me, I think. To be tolerant, I need to keep calm when great trouble lies in front of me, however difficult it is to overcome it; To be tolerant, I need to resist the temptation of all kinds of the outside world, even if it is so attractive; To be torlerant, I need to pull myself(控制自己情绪) in times of extreme sorrows and joys, no matter how they affect me.


  我的英语学习方法 My Way of Learning English

  It has been seven years since I first got in touch with English and ever since then, these cute little letters have brought joy and wonder to my life. How did I learn English? Now let me show you my way of English learning which is interesting and colorful. There are four key points to study English: listening, speaking, reading and writing.

  Firstly, we should be brave to talk with others in English. By doing this, we can improve our talking and listening skill. Secondly, we should try to listen to all kinds of English programmes as much as possible. In this way, we can gradually improve our pronunciation. Thirdly, we should often read English books. When we come across a new word. We should guess its meaning through the contest first. Then look it up in the dictionary to have a check. I thin,, it is a good way of reading. Fourthly, we should practice our writing skills. Whenever we have any idea, we should get the pen and write it down at once. It is very important to avoid writing in Chinese way and using the Chinese grammar. As long as we listen, speak, read and write more, we are sure to make remarkable progress!

  I suggest that words be memorized in phrases, in sentences and in passages. In a context, words are much easier to understand. Also, in this way, you can master the usage of each word. If a word appears frequently in an article, you may memorize it after you finish reading the article. If it doesn't, you can read the article over and over again so as to memorize it. It's far more interesting to enlarge your vocabulary in this way, isn't it?


  As a middle school student,I learn many subjects,I study so hard every day. When I get home,I will do my homework and then go over the book. But when holiday comes,I feel a little confused,because I don't want to study and do something new.Then I don't know what to do, my mind get blank.

  作为一个中学生,我学许多科目,我每天那么努力学习。当我回家时,我会做作业,然后复习书本。 但当假期来临的时候, 我感到有点困惑,因为我不想学习,想做一些新的事情。我就不知道要做什么,我的头脑一片空白。

  I decide to develop my interest.Some day,I happened to see a tennis match,and I couldn't stop watching, then I fell in love with tennis. So I started to learn playing tennis,I felt so happy.

  我决定培养我的兴趣。 有一天, 我碰巧看到一场网球比赛,我无法停止下来看,然后我爱上了网球。因此我开始学习打网球,我感到很高兴。培训兴趣爱好

  Now tennis is my favorite sport,I find a way to relax myself.


  我想当一名老师 I want to be a teacher

  When I finish school, I want to be a teacher. Though teachers are poorly paid and they have no power, teachers are kind, respectable and learned, like angels. They lead the pathway to succeed. It's quite sure that teachers are very important in modern world. We can't develop our country without knowledge. Teachers teach us knowledge. I like all of my teachers in my school. I would like to be an English teacher. It's very important for the students to learn English well today. I'll try my best to be an ideal teacher. My students can make our country better in the future.


  知识和经验 Knowledge or Experience

  Which is more important in life, knowledge from the books you read, or personal experience you gain in reality? The answer may vary from person to person. The young, educated may emphasize the former, and the old may stress the later. But in my opinion, they are of the same importance.


  Experience is priceless. How to become an efficient secretary? How to prepare for your first child to come into the world? There is so much experience we need in careers, in life and even in academic studies. It helps one deal with the problems with ease and confidence. Especially activities and to accumulate experience of different kinds is more crucial.


  Experience, however, is limited in terms of time and space. For one thing, it is impossible for anyone to experience all the important events and meet all the famous people. For another, as the speed with which skills are obsolete and new problems crop up is unprecedented because of the fast development of society, experience is far less adequate. Depending too much on it only leads to narrow-mindedness and prejudice.


  One way to compensate for it is to read books. Books of various kinds can bring us almost unlimited additional experience. From books you can not only trace back to the wisdom of our antecedents, but keep up with the latest developments of science and technology. To be sure, it's secondhand experience. But it is the ideal supplement to our own limited experience. Few of us can travel around the world, or live long beyond one hundred years, but all of us can live many lives by reading books.


  Both book knowledge and personal experience are essential. While experience makes one more resourceful, book knowledge makes one more learned.


  关于面子的英语作文 About Face

  Today, our teacher told us a story on the newspaper. She told us that there was a famous university student whose family is very poor and faraway, but he studied very hard and then went to the big city for study. One day, his mother brought some homemade food to him. But he thought his mother will let him lose face, so he pretended he didn't know his mother. I felt ashamed for him and felt ridiculous about the face problem. It’s meaningless. People should lay down their face, live the way they are, don’t live in others’ eyes. Just be yourself, you will be happier.


  论交通安全 On Traffic Safety

  traffic safety is everybody's business. records show that every year a lot of people die in traffic accidents. some of the accidents are due to mechanical problems.

  however, most of them are the results of careless and reckless driving, and could be avoided. a lot of people disregard traffic signals and rules. they drive regardless of speed limits, run through red lights, drive in the wrong direction, talk and laugh while driving, and turn as they wish without giving signals. they don't slow down while approaching crossroads. so many people violate traffic regulations that we cannot put too much emphasis on the importance of traffic safety.

  only when everybody thinks traffic safety is everybody's business can we be safe driving on roads and walking on sidewalks.

  It’s our duty to save water(节约水是我们每个人的责任)

  As we know , water is very important to man, (我们知道,水对人类来说是非常的重要。)we can’t live without water. (没有水我们就不能生存。)The amount of water which is suitable to drink is less and less. (适合人类喝的水是越来越少了。)But some people don’t care about it .(但是有些人却不关心或不在意。)They waste a lot of water in their daily life. (日常生活中他们浪费很多水。)Even worse, they pour dirty water in to rivers.(更糟糕的是他们排放污水到河流里。) They throw rubbish into rivers , too. (他们还乱扔垃圾到河流理去。)Many rivers and lakes are seriously polluted.(很多河流湖泊已经受到严重污染。) Something must be done to stop the pollution. (人类必须采取一些措施来制止污染。)Only in this way can we live happily.(只有这样,我们才过得幸福开心。) If we don’t save water, the last drop of water will be a tear-drop of us.( 如果我们不节约水,那么最后一滴水也许会是我们人类的眼泪)








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