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  我的外教 My Foreign Teacher

  I love to learn English so much, because it is the important key to know about the world. As I have learned it since I was very small, so I have the strong desire to talk to the foreigners. My parents sent me to an English training center, where I could talk to the foreign teacher. I was so excited. When I saw her, I felt so nervous and had no idea what to say. She was very active and good at making me feel comfortable soon. We talked so happily and my English improved so much. I cherished the time to learn from her. She is my friend now.


  网络俚语该取消吗 Should Internet Slang Be Cancelled

  Nowadays, with the popularity of Internet, people like to talk or make comments on the hot news, then they create many popular languages and they spread so fast that a lot of people will talk in slangs. Some people advise to cancel the use of the slang, but I don't think it is a good choice. People know they shouldn't use these slangs on official papers, they use them only in the private occasions. What's more, slangs provides a funny way for people to express themselves and it is a good way to show humor. I am a great supporter of these slangs, because I can talk happily with my friends.


  我们要跟随潮流吗 Should We Follow the Fashion

  Young people like to follow the fashion. They know who is the hottest stars and what is the hit songs. Following the trend is part of their daily life, they can keep up with the time and get to know the first-hand information. Some people criticize the teenagers for chasing the fashion, because it wastes time and money, but I see the positive sides. When teenagers see all kinds of information, they will learn to figure out the positive sides and negative sides. What's more, they can broaden the vision and knows what happens around the world. It is young people's right to chase fashion, and the elder can guide them the right attitude to new styles.


  巨大的变化 The Great Changes

  China has made great changes during the last ten years and it catches more foreigners to come here to seek for cooperation. One of the changes is people's life standard. With the development of economy, many people start their business and become rich, so they have the money to amuse themselves. Chinese tourists are everywhere nowadays. They make a contribution to the world economy. As more and more foreigners come to visit China, they fall in love with the food and culture. They also feel the great market potential. Chasing dreams here is a good choice for them. I am so proud of being part of this big old country.


  学习汉语 Learn Chinese

  English is the international language. Many parents have realized the importance of mastering English and they spend a lot of time and money to help their children learn it well. But with the development of Chinese economy, a lot of foreigners come to China to learn its culture and language, so we can't ignore the importance of Chinese. I have recited a lot of old poems. It makes me feel the charm of these classic poems. Every poem uses a different way to show the history. I find the great joy in learning Chinese. Both English and Chinese are future language, so we need to master them well.


  成功的代价 The Price of Being Successful

  When it comes to success, most people will think about the great persons, such as Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, who are rich and powerful. The common thing for these successful persons is that they work very hard and spend a lot of time in their business. As a result, the family hours will be sacrificed. They don't have much time to play with their families, so when they give speech, they are always so thankful for the family's support and understanding. Success comes not easy. We need to work hard without question, but I would not sacrifice the family hour, because it means everything for me. I am so satisfied with the small happiness.


  周末的任务 My Job In the Weekend

  My grandparents came to visit me in the weekend. I was so happy because I hadn't seen them for a long time. I missed my grandma's delicious food, because she always knew what my stomach liked. My job was to take them to hang around the city. I took them to the famous sites, where were so leisure and full of local features. Walking on the old street with historical materials, they had so much feelings, and thought about the old times and taught me to cherish the things I had. I kept their words in mind. At night, I helped my grandma to cook dinner. All the people sat in the table and had a nice talk.


  不一样的父母 Different Parents

  Recently, I saw an interested video that was shot by a young foreigner. He played two roles-a Chinese mother and an American mother. He imitated the reaction about how the mothers treated their children in education. It was so obvious that Chinese mothers took care of their children all the time and they would do all the things for them. While the American mothers focused on the children's independence. They would ask the kids to do housework and when they grew up, they asked the kids to move out. Both parents showed different ways to love their children and their love was equal, for every mother is a great heroine.


  暑假计划 A Plan For Summer Holiday

  Now as the coming of June, which means the summer holiday is drawing near. I am so excited about the holiday. After studying for four months, finally I can take a break. I have made up some plans. First, I want to go back to my hometown. I miss the food and my friends. I also like the clean water and the blue sky. It is such a great time for me to stay in hometown. Second, I will travel with my parents. They will take me to the different places and let me look at the world. I gain a lot of knowledge and broaden my vision. I am so looking forward to my holiday.

  随着六月的到来,这意味着暑假临近了。对于假期我很兴奋。在经过四个月的学习之后,我终于可以休息一下了。我有一些计划。首先,我想回到家乡 My Hometown'>我的家乡。我想念那里的食物和我的朋友。我也喜欢那干净的水和蓝色的天空,在家乡待对我来说是很美妙的事。其次,我会和我的父母一起去旅游。他们会带我去不一样的地方,让我看看这个世界。我获得很多知识也拓宽了我的视野。我很期待我的假期。

  读书 Reading Books

  Since I go to school, my parents always tell me that I should study hard, so that I can find a good job in the future and earn a lot of money. To most people, the purpose of reading books is to make money. But as I study more, I realize that making money and reading books don’t have the directly connection. The children should know more about the world by reading more books, at the same time, they need to sense the great joy of reading. When they are equipped with knowledge, they can solve problems by the skills they learn, the most important thing for them is to face difficulties with positive attitude.







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